A podcast about the everyday insights that made entire businesses change course
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Product stories, with a twist

What happens before businesses completely reinvent their product? Podcast host and design consultant Anatoliy Gromov talks to entrepreneurs, researchers, and scientists to learn the everyday insights that changed entire industries.
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Season 1 Episode 1

The birth of the Pill

The story of a scientist who studied IVF
but invented The Pill
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Season 1 Episode 2

Crowdfunding with Beam

The story of how a CEO of a popular parking app decided to use his skills to help people struggling with homelessness.
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Season 1 Episode 3

The game of life

The story of the game theory algorithm that found itself on the operating table.
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Season 1 Episode 4

The scientific exodus
to business

The three trajectories of different careers - from changing the profession and industry to founding your own startup.
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COMING SOON September 30th

The secret of winning poker

How a US-based journalist paused her career to become a poker pro.
COMING SOON October 13th

Wartime pivots

How Ukrainian businesses pivoted fast to respond to urgent needs.
COMING SOON October 27th

Pivots and democracy

And how it became the keyword of Trump’s presidential campaign.
COMING SOON November 10th

It’s time for banks to pivot

How Covid & Russian invasion of Ukraine created big shifts and emerging new industries.

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Stay tuned for new pivot dramas in Season 2.
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CTRL SHIFT! is the wacky lovechild of product design agency Humbleteam and podcast creation studio Libo/Libo.

By digging deep into the dramatic creation stories of The Pill, Game Theory algorithms, and more, we uncover the everyday insights that lead to extraordinary industry pivots.

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Crowdfunding with Beam

The Justice Center houses in one location everything a justice system needs—the city and county courts, the county jail, prosecutor's offices, the sheriff's office, and headquarters for the Cleveland police.

Roughly speaking, the building functions like most hierarchies—vertically. In this case, from the bowels up. The main court tower is 26 stories high, so the elevator really runs the place. If a person's arrested in Cleveland, they're coming into the Justice Center from the basement. Weary cops escort suspects from the underground parking garage. They get booked, go up a few floors to the jail.

Once they get a court date they're riding up to one of the courtroom floors. The lower floors are for lesser crimes, less hallowed proceedings—misdemeanors, housing court. And the higher floors, starting about halfway up the building, are for felonies. Detectives wearing lanyards often get off on the ninth floor where the prosecutor's office is. The court stenographers, always courteous, drag their squat wheelie cases on and off the elevator. Maybe they chat for a few floors with the officers from the sheriff's department, in search of a coffee and a muffin.